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Protecting the Environment
Calmtime plants trees to counteract any CO2
emissions from manufacturing CDs

the effect
The Calmtime effect is achieved by combining science with traditional methods of soothing, creating a blend of approaches that is absolutely safe, gentle, natural and very effective.

Dr. Thomas Verny and John Kelly write in The Secret Life of the Unborn Child:
‘A four or five month old foetus responds to sound and melody and responds in very discriminating ways. Put on calming music and even the most agitated baby relaxes. Put, for example, Beethoven on and even the calmest baby starts kicking and moving. It’s even possible to begin teaching an unborn baby At the very least, a pregnant woman who spends a few minutes each day listening to soothing music could makes her child feel more relaxed and tranquil.’

A study from Leicester University has shown that babies can remember sounds they heard in the womb more than a year after birth. Dr. Alexandra Lamont, from the University’s music research group, said ‘This provides new evidence about the influence of nurture in early child development. Babies can remember and prefer music that they heard before they were born.

Therefore, when you play Calmtime while you are pregnant, you and your baby learn to relax more easily. With repeated listening your baby will feel calm and relaxed whenever you play our music. This can help with the birth itself, breastfeeding, teething and colic - basically anytime your baby seems stressed out. The result is relaxation for the whole family - rather like the Mozart effect.

benefits for all
Naturally, adults can use Calmtime to relax themselves, too. The key to successful results is finding a suitable comfortable place, setting the volume so it’s right for you and breathing in time with the music. To increase the effect, use headphones. As you play it again and again your unconscious recognises the introduction as a signal to relax and the effect gradually increases.

sleep needs
Did you know that newborn babies need 21 hours sleep a day and children from six months to two years of age need at least 12 hours sleep? Sleep deprivation can cause problems for everyone in the family: fractious babies during the day, exhausted mothers and an anxious, stressful atmosphere that affects everyone in the home.

sleep deprivation
Modern parents get around 30% less sleep than their own parents did, a survey has suggested.

Sleep starvation is a huge problem for today’s parents. A survey of 2,000 new parents and 2,000 people aged 55 to 65 was carried out by Mother And Baby and Yours magazines. It found today's parents try all kinds of things to get their babies to sleep through the night, including taking the infant into their own bed. In contrast, parents in the 1960s and 1970s tended to say their babies had slept peacefully in their own cots.

New mothers of young babies reported that, on average, they only have three and a half hours sleep a night, compared to five hours which the older generation said they used to get. Two thirds of those surveyed said this "sleep starvation" left them feeling bad-tempered, with the same proportion reporting irritation with their partner. Other problems reported were being tearful, forgetful or depressed. A third reported being more accident prone or clumsy, 27% unable to function properly, and another 27% irritable with their baby.

music and sleep
Imagine the difference to your life relaxation music could make. If you and your baby are more relaxed then sleep is going to be a lot easier.

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