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mother and baby

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is your baby getting enough sleep?
Did you know:
That new born babies need 16 -21 hours sleep a day? That a three-month-old baby usually sleeps between 13-15 hours per day? That from 6-12 months your baby usually sleeps between 12-14 hours per day?

what if your baby isn't getting enough sleep?
When a young baby isn't sleeping at all well it can affect the whole family. Through lack of sleep, babies become stressed and irritable. When your baby is more stressed out then muscles tense up and blood vessels are constricted.

benefits of good sleep
While your baby is sleeping his or her cells are being regenerated, so the quality and amount of sleep is very important in the development of your infant. Constant waking up can disturb this process.

Often over-stimulated babies calm themselves by looking away, yawning or sucking on their lips - this self-relaxation increases their parasympathetic activity and reduces sympathetic nervous activity.

In plain English the parasympathic nervous system chills us out and the sympathetic nervous system stresses us out.

relaxation music for pregnancy, birth and baby

so what is special about Calmtime?
Our music has been designed especially to help soothe, relax and calm your baby -in the womb and after birth.. Babies recognise music that has been played before their birth and will calm down on repeated listening. (see Dr. Alexandra Lamont's quotes -'studies' below and in 'the Effect')

You can use our CD when giving birth - music played during childbirth can relieve expectant mothers' anxiety, help release endorphins and reduce the need for anaesthesia, play it when breast-feeding or when you and your family just want to relax.

Calmtime is a natural, safe and effective way to soothe the whole family. The warm, intimate humming brings comfort and relaxation to mother-to-be, baby and everyone else.

Gentle music combines with natural sounds and the tempo of relaxed breathing. Our music acts on an emotional level - as your baby relaxes, it's easier for you to relax too.

the lullaby effect
Calmtime blends music, science and natural sounds with the lullaby effect - the intimate sounds of melodic humming - and warm, gentle music to create an atmosphere of calm and comfort that anyone can use.

sleep deprivation
A survey of 2,000 new parents and 2,000 people aged 55 to 65 was carried out by Mother and Baby and Yours magazines.

It found today's parents try all kinds of things to help get their babies to sleep through the night, including taking the infant into their own bed. In contrast, parents in the 1960s and 1970s tended to say their babies had slept peacefully in their own cots.

sleep deprivation - Mary's story
This story is sadly typical of the toll taken by sleep starvation.

Calmtime's vocalist Daphne Nancholas, who sees many new mothers in her practice as a homeopath, says it's a familiar subject.

She describes other symptoms such as clumsiness, extreme irritability, panic attacks, melancholy and feelings of isolation and despair that can sometimes continue over many months, having devastating effects on the mother's relationship with her child and the rest of the family.

your nervous system
The parasympathic nervous system chills us out and the sympathetic nervous system stresses us out. The two systems work side by side to create a flow in the system. In this culture, with all its inherent pressures, people's sympathetic systems very often stay on guard, unable to give in to the softer, more gentle flows of the parasympathetic system.

If we're used to being tense we might not even think it is a problem if our baby is also tense - and, as with adults, a chronic state of tension leads to stress related symptoms and illness.

Dr. Thomas Verny and John Kelly write in the Secret Life of the Unborn Child:

'A four or five month old foetus respnds to sound and melody and responds in very discriminating ways. Put on calming music and even the most agitated baby relaxes.

At the very least, a pregnant woman who spends a few minutes each day listening to soothing music could make her child feel more relaxed and tranquil'

A study from Leicester University has shown that babies can remember sounds they heard in the womb more than a year after birth. Dr. Alexandra Lamont, from the University's music research group, said;

'This provides new evidence about the influence of nurture in early child development. Babies can remember and prefer music that they heard before they were born.'

Therefore when you play Calmtime while you are pregnant, you and your baby learn to relax more easily. With repeated listening your baby will feel calm and relaxed whenever you play our music.

This can help with the birth itself, breastfeeding, teething and colic - basically anytime your baby seems stressed out. The result is relaxation for the whole family - rather like the Mozart effect.

There are several related articles on the Articles page:

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Pregnancy, teething and colic - Helpful Tips

Breastfeeding - Helpful Tips

During pregnancy, especially the final trimester, there can be anxiety about the impending birth. Regular listening to Calmtime to help create a relaxed state during pregnancy can actually help during the birth itself.

By the time your baby is born, your body will have learned to relax even more deeply to the music, as a conditioned response.

learning in the womb
Mothers-to-be are encouraged to play music to their unborn babies because research has shown babies can respond to music and be soothed by soft music before and after birth.

According to Dr. Thomas Verny, author of 'The Secret Life of the Unborn Child' your baby can kick in time to music from 25 weeks.

before the birth
You may be experiencing mixed feelings as the birth is approaching and wondering how you will handle the birth and motherhood.

One thing that can help is to find a way of relaxing on a regular basis. With Calmtime you are not only relaxing yourself but also your baby. This can prepare your baby for something familiar after birth.

It has been recognised by many researchers,including the Royal College of Midwives, that music is very useful during labour as a distraction therapy.

It breaks the vicious circle of fear-tension-pain. Music therapy is rapidly gaining acceptance in the UK as the evidence of its benefits grows.

Regular listening during pregnancy strengthens the effect during labour. In hospital delivery rooms music is often used to reduce a woman's need for medication during childbirth.

When a young baby isn't sleeping at all well it can affect the whole family. Obviously with new born babies disruption is expected but when the problem persists, sometimes for years, the results can be devastating.

The right musical stimulation can enhance development, encourage sucking and promote weight gain in newborn babies.

Premature babies gain weight more quickly when the right music is played for them.

For first time mothers this can be a very stressful time. Some babies just seem to know what to do straight away, others, for whatever reason, don't.

Anxiety can affect the milk, how much is produced and the quality. Playing Calmtime during breastfeeding can have a very relaxing effect for both mother and baby.

Relaxation aids successful feeding.

Here are some responses from mothers and fathers of young babies who have been using Calmtime:

'I bought a copy of your CD and just LOVE it, as do the couples in my antenatal classes. I've used the CD with couples having hypnosis for birth sessions and they loved it! They found the rhythmic ebb and flow of the music very soporific and perfect for getting into a state of calm and tranquility.
Alice Kirby, Cornwall Birth Support

'During my last trimester Archie was very active, which caused a lot of discomfort. I started playing the Calmtime CD regularly and we both calmed down. Before, he had been kicking me a lot. I'm sure it helped with my labour as well. We both sailed through!' June, Cardiff, UK

'When I was heavily pregnanct I started to play the CD, most days. I'm sure she could tell. It seemed to calm her down straight away. It was a great relief for me.' Sally, Bristol

'Just to say 'thank you' again for Calmtime. We play it every night and it's fantastic for setting a calm atmosphere for story time and then sleep.' Lindsey, Gloucs.

'Since playing the Calmtime CD when I put Molly down, the difference is amazing. Before, she would do anything to avoid getting sleepy and my husband and I rarely got more than a few hours sleep a night. Now she either drifts straight off to sleep or lies there dreamily and eventually gets off to sleep.' Sarah, Reading,

''The girls had not been sleeping well with the heat and it was taking ages to get them off to sleep. I played them Calmtime the last couple of nights and they are sleeping well again.' Cynthia, Bristol

The first couple of weeks after she arrived were hellish (colic and reflux) so nobody got much sleep. I played soothing classical music and other recommended CDs but nothing really worked except Calmtime. She's now a year old and we still play the music at stressful times such as illness and teething. At these times I play it on a continuous loop through the night in my daughter's room and it really settles her.

I just want to say a big thank you. I love the CD, and so does my daughter!!' Paula, South Wales

'The first time we tried it out my wife fell off to sleep herself. Over the same period bed-time has been notably quicker and calmer. Thanks very much.' Hamish, Bristol, UK,

'Calmtime makes me sleepy' Jasmin, age 4

'Thank you for the CD. My baby sleeps well with it playing in the background'. Barbie, USA

'I put it on in the evenings for his last feed and baby and I relax as we listen to it. I definitely find it to be very relaxing. I particularly like the track where you can hear the waves as I can imagine myself on an exotic beach somewhere. Many thanks'.
Jo, Nottingham

'Zoe is my first child and breastfeeding was very painful. Often I was so tense, the milk wouldn't come. Now I put on Calmtime first, which relaxes both of us and feeding her is now an enjoyable experience.' Leslie, Bristol

'I have played it every time I breast-feed my baby and for both of us it calms and relaxes.' Jacinda, Melbourne, Australia.

"Apart from Calmtime helping settle my baby, it also relaxes the whole family. Now, as soon as we hear the beginning of the CD we start to chill."
Chloe, Bristol

'We play Calmtime every day at tea-time and what used to be a chaotic and stressful time is now calm and relaxed. And we enjoy the music.'
Cynthia, Bristol

'I enjoyed listening to Calmtime - and I'm not one to go out and buy a "new age" album - but, more importantly, it works. We were in the process of moving house and feeling pretty fraught. I put it on in the background without saying anything and we all became much calmer.' Zoe, Brighton

a truly wonderful gift
'Thank you so much for the superb CD. We play the music to Anthony at bedtime and it soothes him beautifully. The only trouble is that we tend to drop off as well! I am amazed by the effect it has - a truly wonderful gift - thank you.'
Sarah and Alex, Lanner, Cornwall

'Iíve just had a baby and my sister bought me your Calmtime CD as a present. Not only is it a unique and thoughtful present, but it really works. Jo, Nottingham

"When Tom is really tired and irritable Iput the Calmtime CD on quietly and it relaxes him. He'll then play quite calmly and be much less demanding."
Linda, Bristol.