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Protecting the Environment
Calmtime plants trees to counteract any CO2
emissions from manufacturing CDs


the green parent magazine
This gentle relaxation CD is perfect for all the family. Warm, intimate humming and soft instrumentals combine to soothe babies and their parents off to sleep. It is very difficult to find fault with this CD. Whereas some compilations for babies can include grating vocals, this offers a mesmerising soundscape which can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Daphne Nancholas is also a registered homeopath as well as providing the humming on Calmtime, so she is well aware of the healing needs of families.'

i'm pregnant magazine
'......and help the whole family relax. Composed by two accomplished musicians and trained therapists, it takes the traditional patterns of lullabies and features gentle humming that has been used throughout history to calm babies. It's also great for mums-to-be, aiding relaxation and helping reduce anxiety about the birth as well as helping during labour.......'

pregnancy, baby and you magazine
'Sleep Easy - the run up to Christmas can be stressful enough without your toddler (and therefore you!) sleeping badly. Calmtime CD is a natural and safe way to soothe your baby and help the whole family to relax..............Helping to create the calm atmosphere needed for a good night's rest.'

early times
'Say Goodnight to Sleepless Nights with Calmtime - Music to calm fractious babies and help parents relax.........Calmtime is different from other music in that it works on an emotional level for both adults and children. The gentle music follows the tempo of relaxed breathing and combines natural sounds to relax both mother and child. The more you listen to Calmtime, the greater effect it will have'

relaxation reviews
Calmtime - Graham Smith +. . Music originally designed to relax mother and baby, this CD uses humming, music and natural sounds to create a warm mellow lullaby-effect. It's also proved helpful to adults with stress, insomnia and pain relief too.

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