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insomnia/sleep problems

Having trouble sleeping? Turn on some slow, soothing music. A recent study published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing, found that people with sleep disorders such as insomnia showed improvement after such relaxation techniques such as listening to soft music. Calmtime has a stronger effect than ordinary music because it is specially designed to calm you, physically and emotionally, thus making sleep easier.

"Since I was a young child I have always had periods of time when my sleep was disturbed. I find that if I play Calmtime at a low volume and have it on repeat, it really helps me, not only to get to sleep, but to stay asleep!" Megan, Cornwall

"I don't really know why, but I've always struggled to get a full night's sleep, it's been a constant part of my adult life and I've kind of learned to get by on a few hours a night. Until this week. I was given a copy of this CD last week and I am delighted to report that I've had 4 straight fabulous nights of calm, uninterrupted sleep.

I've tried so many things (I can't tell you how many lavender bags, herbal tablets, teas and meditation books, rainforest or whale song recordings, that are languishing in various drawers at my place, hundreds of pounds have been spent though) that I'd rather resigned myself to my odd sleep pattern, but I have to say, I feel like a different woman now."
Emily, Cornwall

music improves sleep quality in older adults
All the research mentioned here has been based on using conventional quiet music. It's worth remembering that Calmtime, with its powerful combination of relaxation aids is likely to bring you a much stronger effect.

Hui-Ling Lai PhD RN and Marion Good PhD FAAN
LAI H.-L. & GOOD M. (2005) Journal of Advanced Nursing49(3), 234-244

The aim of this paper is to report on the cure effects of soft music on sleep quality in older men and women, as it is believed that sleep may be affected by the ageing process.

Sixty people aged 60-83 years with difficulty in sleeping were recruited and screened using the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) and Epworth Sleepiness Scale. Participants listened to their choice among six 45-minute sedative music tapes at bedtime for 3 weeks.

Sleep quality was measured with the PSQI before the study and at three weekly post-tests. Groups were comparable on demographic variables, anxiety, depressive symptoms, physical activity, bedtime routine, herbal tea use, napping, pain, and overall sleep quality.

Music resulted in significantly better sleep quality in the experimental group, as well as significantly better components of sleep quality, such as:

Better sleep quality/longer sleep duration/ greater sleep efficiency and less sleep disturbance.

Sleep improved weekly, indicating a cumulative effect. The findings provide evidence for the use of soothing music for sleep in older people.

'I've always been a light sleeper, waking up at the slightest noise. What I've found works is to play Calmtime quietly, on repeat, so it goes on all night and I no longer wake up until it's morning.'
Ann, Derby

benefits of good sleep
While your baby is sleeping his or her cells are being regenerated, so the quality and amount of sleep is very important in the development of your infant. Often over-stimulated babies calm themselves by looking away, yawning or sucking on their lips - this self-relaxation increases their parasympathetic activity and reduces sympathetic nervous activity.

In plain English the parasympathic nervous system chills us out and the sympathetic nervous system stresses us out. The two systems work side by side to create a flow in the system. However, for example, through lack of sleep, this balance gets thrown out and your baby is more stressed out then muscles tense up and blood vessels are constricted.

In this culture, with all its inherent pressures, people's Sympathetic systems very often stay on guard, unable to give in to the softer, more gentle flows of the Parasympathetic system. If we're used to being tense we might not even think it a problem if our baby is also tense - and, as with adults, a chronic state of tension leads to stress related symptoms and illness.

A helpful site:

Relax Yourself is a 20 minute hypnotic relaxation induction download for those who find getting to sleep a real problem.

"Finding it difficult to relax, I was delighted to find the relaxation download called Relax Yourself by Calmtime.. The combination of Dapne's gentle voice, soothing relaxation technique and the hypnotic background music never fails to send me into a state of deep and healing relaxation. I play this cd nightly, just as I turn off my bedside light, and am lulled into a state of blissful sleep. Thank you, Daphne, for this wonderful aid to a calmer, happier and healthier life". AR Carmarthenshire

You will find research details on sleep problems for babies on the Mother and Baby page.