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the story

Mary * was finding it hard to concentrate. Her eyes kept losing focus, her eyelids almost closing before she caught herself, forcing herself to focus on Graham. ‘I’m sorry’ she said, ‘I’m so exhausted I can hardly think’.

‘It’s my baby’ she explained, ‘She simply won’t sleep. I haven’t slept a whole night for seven months and now my husband keeps finding excuses not to come home because I keep screaming at him. I’m at the end of my tether and I don’t know what to do.’

*Not her real name

sleep deprivation
This story is sadly typical of the toll taken by sleep starvation. Calmtime’s vocalist Daphne Nancholas, who sees many new mothers in her practice as a homeopath, says the insomnia is a familiar subject.

She describes other symptoms such as clumsiness, extreme irritability, panic attacks, melancholy and feelings of isolation and despair that can sometimes continue over many months, having devastating effects on the mother’s relationship with her child and the rest of the family.

the power of music
Graham looked to the power of music to find a solution for this problem. Having been a professional musician for many years he was well acquainted with the effect music can have on the mood of an audience.

He began to research approaches that had already been explored and found plenty of evidence that music can be used to alter mood in young children, as well as adults. What was needed, he decided, was something specifically designed to trigger the nervous system’s natural power to create calm. It needed to be very safe and gentle yet reliably effective.

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